Flores de Mayo

short skit during flores de mayo

Manila– Flores de Mayo is a month-long celebration honoring earthly mothers and the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the church, and our mother too. The Guanella Center hosted many activities to show admiration and love to the Blessed Mother; teaching the Holy Rosary, catechism class, flower offering, etc. for the staff and neighboring community. About 200 children learned how to pray the rosary, basic Catholic teachings, who Mary is, how she leads us to her Son, Jesus Christ, and the beauty of a mother’s love and Sacrifice. The Santacruzan of the San Isidro Labrador Parish began on Pentecost Sunday culminating on May 31st with prayer, singing and performances by children from each community. Games were played and certificates of participation were distributed.

short skit during flores de mayo
Children perform a skit during the Flores de Mayo celebration at the Guanella Center.
dance performance at flores de may'
A group of girls perform a dance routine during the Flores de Mayo celebrations at Guanella Center in Manila.

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