Faithful and Courageous Parents

Vietnamese family with sick chld

Vietnamese family with sick chldSaigon – Recently at a Baptism in Bau Loc, a family invited Fr. Felicks to bless their child, a seven year old girl named TRẦN NGỌC ANH. Upon first glance the child appears to have suffered severe burns, but she has an unusual skin disease. At birth she was normal; at age 8 months bone tumors appeared on her arm and leg. Saigon Children’s Hospital successfully treated her ailment. At age two, some pimples appeared and spread to her whole face and body. She was taken to University Medical Hospital for evaluation. A diagnosis was given, but no treatment is available.

The faith of her parents is astounding; they said, “We don’t know the plan of God for her, but we continue to pray for her and take care of her the best we can.” These parents give a good example of “Accepting with faith,” to the parents of good children in our centers around the world. Her parents were very surprised that Fr. Felicks was not afraid to lift her up and speak to her. Pray for God’s mercy and blessings for this child and her family.Fr. Felicks with sick child


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