The First Seeds from Vietnam

Fr. Felicks with postulants

Fr. Felicks with postulants– After extensive preparation two students, Thien and Khiet, from Vietnam were chosen and sent to the Philippines for a deeper Guanellian experience. In the Philippines they will complete their Postulancy and Novitiate formation. The Guanellian family is asked to support them with prayers for a thourough discernment to Guanellian Religious life.


3 thoughts on “The First Seeds from Vietnam

  1. Dear Confreres in Vietnam, I’m a lay missionary in Germany who follows your pioneer
    work in this beautiful and ancient country every month. During my seminary time I was dreaming to go as a priest
    to Saigon/Ho Chi Mihn City.God bless your apostolate. Speak with Fr Joe Rinaldo in order to set up
    some practical projects for you over there and we will do our best to raise funds for them in Germany
    We pray for you young hope of the congregation for the future!
    Put all your efforts in the hands of Mother Maria. She will surely find audience for it in her beloved Son Jesus
    With love and great respect to you from German-Italian friends.
    Yours in Christ, Gero Lombardo

  2. Dear Mr. Gero Lombardo
    This is Fr. Jerin from Vietnam. i am assisting Fr. Felicks. Thanks for your support and encouragement. We are really happy to get your message of love and prayers. We are trying our best, leaving the rest in the hands of God and in the hands of our Beloved St. Louis Guanella. Continue to support us in Prayers. We need more prayers to implant the charism of charity in this land. May God bless you and keep you close to His heart.

  3. Dear Fr Jerin
    nice to hear directly from Vietnam the voice and the heart pulsing
    with guanellian Love toward our “patrons” .May Duc me La Vang (?)
    your beloved and venerated Blessed Virgin Mary protect you and
    remunerate your work with copious harvests..Please convey also
    my best regards to Fr Felicks ,.I met him shortly in Rome during
    the international meeting of guanellian lays and I kept a nice remember
    Take care and keep me posted abt all events , hope and dreams
    which concern your presency in this great Country

    Love and payers from cool Germany
    Gero Lombardo, German Guanellian Procure

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