German Guanellians Spread the Charism

Last month we visited our Sicilian alumni who emigrated to France and Luxembourg. Sigliende and Gerwin, former business associates, hosted us and showed us around Trier, the former capital of the Roman Province of Germania Citerior. We toured the ancient capital and the chapel where the sepulchral linens of  Jesus are preserved.We prayed there for the needs of the Divine Providence Province. In view of opening a Guanellian presence in our district, we hope to create a network of friends and cooperators in neighboring countries; encouraging them to become active Guanellians. We eagerly await a report from the 19th General Chapter confirming that this long awaited dream of a Guanellian Parish in South Germany will come into fruition sometime in 2013.

Another effort in July was a series of cultural conferences on German history and the secular ties between  Germany and Italy presented at a well established Italian club.

This year’s fundraising campaign for projects from many corners of our Province and other Guanellian missions is now underway with the submission of our requests to generous donors at Catholic Relief organizations: Missio, Kinder Mission, Adveniat and Brot für die Welt. After our vacation to Sicily, we will travel around Germany to insure that the projects, which Provincial Treasurer Fr. Joseph has recently sent to the Procure, receive a thourough evaluation.We are confident that many of them will be approved as they have been since 2009 so that the needs of our beneficiaries in India and the Philippines can be relieved. The presentation of the activities of our confreres in Vietnam has convinced us to start a practical initiative in order to contribute to a stronger presence of the Servants of Charity in this great Nation with great potential and hope for all of Christianity.

A memorable meeting in Munich with His Beatitude Gregorios III, Patriarch of Antioch and Jerusalem, concluded the month. Through his writings and illustrations we came to know the real situation of Christians in his Patriarchate which covers Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. Patriarch Gregory III is a tireless man who, for more than 35 years, has been able to build many hospitals and centers in those countries with one imperative rule, “the doors of our Christian stuctures are open to all human beings, regardless of their faith!“ Through the  partnership of the Guanellianer-Lazarus Order, we have already started to contact many German hospitals asking for their second hand medical equipment which could be used in his Patriarchate. Our association with shipping agencies and my former local agents may help to transport any collected goods to the seaport of Latakia. In language typical of the oriental people he pointed out one significant aspect of the peaceful co-habitation in that area, narrating how his mother on many occasions nursed the children of sick Muslim women. This anecdote  has taught me that human beings can only survive through love and tolerance, like the Lord who loves us despite our many mistakes.

May our Mother through her glorious Assumption grant us a stronger faith  and deeper love for our neighbors. From cool Germany we wish you all around the Province relaxing and blessed holidays.


Gero Lombardo,  German Guanellian  Procure

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