Raffle for a Cause

picking a winner from the raffle tickets

picking a winner from the raffle ticketsLegazpi – The Harong Kan Sagrada Familia youth group organized a program, in partnership with Special Therapy and Education Program (STEP)in order to raise funds to buy equipment for the Multi-Sensory Room and Play Therapy Area for the children and youth of STEP “Raffle for a Cause.” Tickets were sold door-to-door in the Barangays, at schools and universities, in selected parishes of Legazpi and Daraga, and by the supportive STEP parents and other loving volunteers. The youth experienced many joys and hardships as they continued to sell the tickets; developing organizational and decision-making skills along the way. The concluding event was the raffle drawing held on July 21st at the HKSF Pavilion. The major prizes were: 1st Samsung Galaxy Y – Mr. Emmanuel Labanda, 2nd– Samsung Chat – Mr. Leonardo Lanuza and the 3rd – MP3 player – Ms. Elvie Paleg and ten consolation prizes of educational materials were also awarded. The youth group and STEP wish to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who helped make this event possible.

“In tough times, LORD, let me stay motivated and calm. Let me look at how far I have come, rather than how far I still go. Let me continue counting my blessings, not what I have been missing. May every day bring new chances to grow, new beautiful things to see, new plans to do, new goals to pursue. As every day is God’s miracle day.”


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