Seminar Teaches about Behaviors of Special Needs Children

parents and teachers attend seminar

parents and teachers attend seminarLegazpi – Special Therapy and Education Program presented its 2nd seminar entitled; Behavioral and Instructional Strategies for Children with Special Needs on July 28th in cooperation with Mr. Romy Tan, a well-known businessman, and Mr. Nino Ricky Tumadiang, the keynote speaker. The seminar was aimed at teachers from the private and government schools both from the secondary and elementary department, college students, parents of STEP children and other interested parents of children with special needs. The keynote address clearly expressed and demonstrated different strategies in handling the sometimes challenging behavior of special needs children. It was indeed a seminar that created an impact. The presentation by the STEP children and their parents amazed the audience.

A series of seminars is planned for the coming months to foster awareness among the community regarding how to appropriately deal with behaviors of children and youth with special needs.


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