DGMS Goes on Pilgrimage

Crowds of Faitthful at Besant Nagar Shrine

Crowds of Faitthful at Besant Nagar ShrineChennai – On September 6, 2012 students of Theology from Don Guanella Major Seminary went on a walking pilgrimage with Rev. Fr. Adaikalam and Fr. Rajesh to Besant Nagar Marian shrine. The group left at 6:00am and reached their destination around 11:00am; reciting the rosary, singing hymns and expressing their devotion to our Lady along the way. Upon arrival, Holy Mass was celebrated as a community and prayers offered to all the devotees thronging in the various Marian shrines. This pilgrimage is arranged to grow in devotion to Mary and to be in solidarity with thousands of pilgrims walking to the Velankanni shrine in the Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu.


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