Priests from Guanella Center Lead a Pilgrimage

Group of Guanella Center pilgrims at a shrine in Manila

Manila – This year, the pilgrimage for the special children of Guanella Center included a stop at three different religious locations:  The National Shrine of Padre Pio, the Convent of Saint Claire, and The National Shrine of the Rosary.

Group of Guanella Center pilgrims at a shrine in ManilaOver 100 people attended the pilgrimage from both Guanella Home and Guanella Center; caretakers, volunteers, family, and religious.  Fr. Charleton Viray, SdC, was the tour guide and he shared some very interesting, inspirational, and grace-filled information about the holy places, and the saints they are dedicated to.  For instance, he explained how Padre Pio was given the grace of the stigmata (which is a supernatural gift of suffering and visibly bearing the wounds of Christ) and of bi-location (which is a supernatural gift of being able to be in more than one place at the same time.)  Likewise, he shared how Saint Claire (the foundress of the Poor Claires) was a close friend and disciple of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Besides gaining new knowledge, the pilgrims also joined together in prayer (praying a decade or two of the Holy Rosary at each of the three stops), and we also shared a wonderful lunch.

After the religious experience, the pilgrimage ended at Quezon City Circle Memorial to enjoy the playground rides and share a delicious merienda (afternoon tea).  All in all, it was a very blessed and grace-filled day, enjoyed by each person who participated.


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