Vietnamese Seminarians on Retreat

“The Good Beginning is Half Done”Vietnamese Seminarians on Retreat

Saigon – September marked the beginning of a new academic year. It was decided to start the year with prayer, so a trip was taken to the Benedictine Monastery where Rev. Fr. Antony Quyen, SVD, rector of the minor seminary of SVD, preached a two-day recollection to the aspirants. He started with the question, ‘why do I want to become a religious?’ He also placed many good examples and practical issues of religious life to the students. He insisted that religious people are not saints, but they walk towards holiness everyday by being faithful to their call and the mission entrusted to them. He also said, ‘A priest is a person who guides the people, leads them to God, and gives meaning to the word of God through his words and deeds’. After spending two days on the mountain in prayer, everyone returned home ready to start afresh a new life with Christ.


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