GPN Rehabilitates Rescued Land

Seminarians work on reclaimed land in Bangalore


Bangalore – The Guanella Preethi Nivas Community was distressed over a land problem. They came together with the major superiors to confront the situation, and now by the Grace of our Founder with the help of the Superior General, Provincial, and other Fathers the land problem was successfully resolved. The land is now full of vegetable saplings cultivated by fathers and brothers which have given a very good yield. At present, the land is registered under the Guanellian Society; and the Preethi Nivas Trust for the welfare of the home for the elderly and for its future was approved by the government. Thank you all for your valuable prayers and support. Please continue to pray as they work tirelessly to fulfill the vision our founder, “The Whole World is Our Homeland.”Seminarians work on reclaimed land in Bangalore


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