Children’s Day Celebration

Children day - DGES 1Cuddalore  – Children’s Day in India falls on November 14th every year and for a good reason; it is celebrated on Pandit Nehru’s birthday as a day of fun and frolic, a celebration of childhood, and Nehruji’s love for them. Don Guanella Boys Home hosted the celebration on Sunday, November 18th. The children’s voices echoed with joy and happiness around the DGBH campus.The day began with different competitions: running, musical chairs, speeches and singing conducted for the children by the Guanellian fathers and sisters and the contribution of Sagaya Matha parishioners, Mr. Bosco and Mr. Savari Muthu.

Nearly 500 children from the surrounding area actively participated; Christian and Non-Christian alike. They got to spend time with each other; helping them to develop their talents and abilities as well as new friendships. Tiffin was served and Fr. Peter Sebastian distributed the prizes to winners of the games. He ended with an expression of thanks and blessings. This children’s day celebration was very simple, but it thrilled the hearts of children and their parents and helped many of the people understand and recognize the charity of our Founder, St. Louis Guanella.Children day - DGES 2


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