Youth Open the ‘Year of Faith’

Saigon – The Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh invited the youth to inaugurate the Year of Faith. Almost 2,000 young people gathered at Xom Thuoc Parish with Rev. Bishop Phaolo Nguyen Van Doc, of My Tho Diocese, presiding. Each parish presented a skit based on the theme ‘FAITH.’ At the request of the parish priest, Fr. Truong, Fr. Felicks directed a skit. Fr. Felicks, the brothers and parish youth decided to enact the life story of St. Andre Phu Yen, first martyr in Vietnam, who was canonized by Blessed John Paul II. Bishop Phaolo appreciated the skit which revealed the faith of early Christians in Vietnam, and encouraged the audience to strengthen their faith. Though the persecution is over, we are still faced with the temptations of modern society luring us away from our faith. This gathering proclaimed that only faith in Christ can bring miracles and salvation into our lives. It was not only a youth gathering, but a gathering of the Christian faith in Vietnam.


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