Aged People Visit Our Lady of Velankani

Bangalore – Faith is fundamentally important for the fulfillment of experiencing God. In the first month of the Year of Faith, the elderly of the Don Guanella Aged Home exercised their faith on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Velankani Shrine in the Nagapatinam District of Tamil Nadu with Fr. Samson, Fr. A.P. Samy and Bro. Xavier (regent). November 24th began their journey of faith, with seven inmates who were able to walk and four staff of our community who are non-Christians. They inaugurated their faith by the blessings of Our Mother; they also enjoyed some sightseeing, boating and other places. Sincere thanks to Fr. Samson and his family for providing meals while on the journey and arranging vehicles for local travel. They returned safely on November 26th.

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