Formators Gathering

formators meeting“The goal of consecrated life is the configuration to the Lord Jesus in his total self-giving; this must also be the principal objective of formation (VC 65). It is a journey of gradual assimilation of the thoughts of Christ; in particular, we make the traits of benevolence, compassion and solicitude our own (Bdgm 32-34) which were of Jesus, the Good Shepherd and compassionate Samaritan.”

Chennai – A course for updating the Formators in India was held at Don Guanella Major Seminary December 20th – 21st on the theme, “By the ways of the Heart…Formation and Transformation.” Formation to consecrated life is a work of God, who creates and molds. It is also a work of man, who in freedom and love, chooses to be transformed. “The vocation ministry and formation” (initial and permanent) is also one of the main concerns of the 19th General Chapter and the Divine Providence Province. The intent is to promote a serious, challenging, Christ-centered, mission oriented and charism-inspired religious and priestly formation. The presenters, Fr. Theophilus Sdb, Fr. Rathinam SdC, Fr. Visuwasam SdC, Fr. Samson SdC, highlighted the biblical, charismatic, pastoral, spiritual and psychological dimensions of formation. The course was a useful and timely aid to the formators as witnessed by the participants. Thanks to the Organizing team and the Provincial and his Council.

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