German Report for january

After a 12-month run, many experiences, facts and emotions the year comesto an end. Now just before the bells call us to visit the crib and adore the little Child in the humble cave of Bethlehem, it is time for inner silence and interior reflection.

After turbulent months I also felt the need to stop the frenetic work and gather the little Italian community, at least for a few hours, in our neighboring village, Friolzheim, for a day-long annual spiritual retreat. A charismatic Franciscan attracted our attention and mind while two sisters of the Fransciscan Fraternity of Bethania enriched the ceremonies and Mass with ancient and touching Gregorian songs. Almost 70 people participated in the retreat. For me, it was a unique experience and a rich inspiration on how to conceive the future pastoral work of our confreres in the bigger community of Pforzheim in 2013.

Personally I was really touched from the deep faith and trust in God of humble brothers and sisters. In a certain way I was ashamed when comparing my spiritual habits with such hidden giants of the Christian and Catholic belief.

What I took as a life proposal for the future were three maxims:

God speaks in silence, silence is the diet of the soul, and prayer acts as breath for our soul. This should be our best wish and suggestion to our readers, “Sometimes it is better to keep silent instead of hiding our failures behind an avalanche of useless words.”

We concluded the activities of 2012 intoning a bursting Te Deum and Magnificat because the next appointment at the end of January 2013 will conclude the project of bringing Fr. Guanella to Germany when Fr. Luigi and the designated Guanellian parish priest meet our vicar Bishop, Mons. Klug!

We received a bit of good news late in December from our friend Mrs. Elaine Steiner of Kindermission. They have committed to helping the disabled in Legazpi by contributing to the second nutrition program requested by Fr. Battista Omodei.

May the Lord clothe us with a new conscience in 2013!

Indue me Domine novum hominem!

Gero Lombardo

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