Mission Exposure

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Saigon – The students of the Servants of Charity in Vietnam have several opportunities to experience our mission. Fr. Felicks, two initiation brothers and one young man in discernment went to Bach Lam, located 100 km away from Ho Chi Minh City. They traveled with a pious group from the Tan Hung parish. The house they visited is called ‘Nha Tinh Thuong’. It has been managed by a layperson, Hoang, since he founded the house in 2007. The house cares for 140 persons: disabled children, aged, sick, abandoned and unwed pregnant girls. Fr. Felicks started the day by celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Then they began helping the beneficiaries by cutting their hair, cleaning their house, spending some time talking to them and giving communion to the sick. The pious group that went along also brought clothes, food and rice to them. That day brought joy and happiness to everyone; the servants and the served. The Servants of Charity also had a good time with them and enriched their Guanellian experience. This exposed the students to the Guanellian religious life.


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