Saint Martin’s Medical and Dental Mission at Guanella Center

Luz0403med missionManila – On February 09, 2013, Guanella Center hosted a medical and dental mission as an outreach to the elderly, children, and developmentally disabled in the Tandang Sora area.

Elsa Montegrico, a Guanellian Cooperator, was the organizer: she coordinated with Saint Martin’s Foundation—a charitable group formed by a joint effort between the Dominican Sisters and a number of lay medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, and nurses.

There were three doctors assigned to examine and treat the nearly 100 elderly patients; three doctors to examine and treat the 170 children; and two dentists to offer tooth extraction to more than 75 patients (including 16 special boys and men from Guanella Home.)  Besides the free medical and dental services offered during the mission, Saint Martin’s Foundation also provided free prescription medication to those who needed them.

Guanellian seminarians, novices, and religious brothers were on hand to assist in any way that they could such as setting up, directing patients, giving water to the thirsty, and providing sanitizing agents for the medical instruments. The day ended with a delicious lunch prepared by the kitchen staff.


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