Silver Jubilee for Fr. Peter Di Tullio

Fr. Peter Di Tullio

E. PROVIDENCE – On September 29th, Sacred Heart Parish celebrated a public tribute to Fr. Peter Di Tullio, SdC, for his 25 years as Pastor of their parish. It was like a Silver Jubilee that a family celebrates in honor of 25 years of fidelity, hard work, and love. Many parishioners and friends (some even from the Philadelphia area) attended the Thanksgiving Mass and Dinner. It was an honor to have him as pastor for so many years of fruitful ministry and friendship. It is not that he is going to retire to Florida or somewhere else. His Superiors, in accord with the local Bishop, asked him to stay and help his successor. He will remain for many years to come, enjoying his Guanellian apostolate more than ever. Once again, Fr. Peter, our heartfelt thanks to you. May the Lord bless and reward you.

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