St. Louis Center Begins Master Planning Process

IMG_0901 Chelsea – A master planning process is taking place for the campus at St. Louis Center with the assistance of architects from Kingscott Associates from both Chelsea and Kalamazoo, MI. On Tuesday February 12, 2013, Sarah Haselschwart and Dana McClellan of Kingscott, conducted stakeholder meetings with our residents, their families and staff, to obtain their feedback for the future of St. Louis Center. The central question was, “How can our facilities be remodeled to better serve the needs of today’s residents?” A cross-section of residents were selected to participate, and were asked to choose from several color palates, and wall and floor coverings to establish what their interior design preferences might be. Parents and relatives were also invited to share their dreams for St. Louis Center with Kingscott representatives, and added many practical considerations in the processIMG_0914

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