Heart Home

Bro. Joseph of the Servants of Charity with Filipino soccer kids.

Manila – On Tuesday March 19,2013, Bros. Joseph and Bob began a 4 day immersion experience with the Poor.  The brothers stayed with their friends at Tahanang Puso (Heart Home) in Navotas.  The charism of Tahanang Puso is that of compassion—they are sent to live with and befriend the poor.  On the first day of the experience, the brothers visited children in the local Barangay—Br. Joseph played soccer with a group of children and Br. Bob played volleyball with another group.

On Wednesday the brothers visited poor families in the local area, and went into Manila to play games with street children.  On Thursday, the whole group travelled from Navotas to Muntilupa City (about 3 hours each way) to spend a day in the New Bilibid Prison, visiting and bringing joy to the prisoners.  On their final day, the brothers visited the world famous Smokey Mountain garbage area, and a few families that lived there.  Unfortunately, one of the persons whom they went to visit had died just a few days before.  The brothers comforted the children and prayed for the soul of the deceased. (Bro. Bob Neimeyer)

Bro. Joseph of the Servants of Charity with Filipino soccer kids.
Bro Joseph, in white shirt, helps out a youth soccer team.

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