Guanellian School of Charism

Seminarians gather in front of Guanella Preethi nivas


 – Fr. Guanella

Seminarians gather in front of Guanella Preethi nivasBangalore – The Divine Providence Province and the General Council offered a program to nourish the young souls with the Guanellian Spirit April 9th-13th. All temporary professed confreres gathered at Guanella Preethi Nivas for the Guanellian School of Charism offered by the team of confreres under the guidance of Fr. Gustavo De Bonis. On April 9th, Fr. Gustavo, the secretary General, opened the school by lighting the Kuthvilakku. His first talk depicted different dimensions of personal faith in Fr. Guanella. There he revealed Fr. Guanella’s Spirituality of Faith, “he found in his heart the need of God as Father and had to reorganize his life. He felt God’s gentle and reassuring presence, and accepted the consequences: total commitment to Him in word and deed.”  Then he taught some factors which shape the Spirituality of Faith in Fr. Guanella. Personal Project of Life was presented by Fr. Gustavo the second day. Fr. John Bosco presented his study on religious vows in the teaching of Don Guanella; and Sr. Pushpa presented ‘The Guanellian Educative Style.’ The Course made a serious impact on the minds of all the participants and has enriched their understanding of the spiritual patrimony of the Congregation.


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