DGRC Annual Day celebration

As Long as there are Poor to be Assisted and Distress to be relived our Charity never ends.

Our Special Children are the Living Sacraments.

                                                                                          -St. Luigi Guanella

DGRC Annual Day celebrationChennai – As the sun set and the breeze began to blow, the joyous 15th Annual Day celebration began. The DGRC children, their parents, Guanellian fathers and brothers, chief guests Rev. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the provincial, Mrs. Buavana and Mrs. Vijaya, Special Educators, marched to the entrance to celebrate the event where Fr. Rathinam began by blessing the image of St. Guanella dining with good children, reminiscent of Jesus’ Last Supper. Our Buoni fili, smiling cheerfully, celebrated their success of another year of learning; proving that even amid difficulties one can make life meaningful and successful. Fr. Rathinam, on behalf of his council, congratulated the children and encouraged them to progress in all aspects of their lives. The special chief guest, Mrs. Buavana, addressed the parents and teachers and their role of becoming a stepping stone in the growth of the good children. She asked each person present to discover their abilities and to foster them.  End of the year gifts were given to all the children and prizes were presented to the winners in sports and discipline. What a joy to make a difference in their lives.

Chief guests watch cultural program at DGRC Annual Day event


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