Flores de Mayo

Placing flowers before Blessed Virgin Mary Statue

Placing flowers before Blessed Virgin Mary StatueManila – Every May, the Guanella Center and Servants of Charity participates with San Isidro Labrador Parish as a part of its Catechetical Ministry. The Center serves as one of the venues for Flores de Mayo celebrations. Volunteer Catechists attended a three day training seminar at San Isidro Parish for proper preparation. Flores de Mayo’s essence is to bring participants closer to Mary and Jesus Christ and to teach them how to pray the Rosary. It is for them to socialize with other catechumens and strengthen their religious beliefs as daughters and sons of God.

The events began on May 2, 2013 with a brief orientation followed by the introduction of the volunteers including the Guanellian Youth Ministry. The Guanella Center was able to extend their teaching throughout Pantranco and Roque which had 55 children who participated.

This year, Servants of Charity were asked to select the Queen of Flores de Mayo 2013. Diniella Claire Tobias, from Grade 3 class led by T. Luz Ramirez, was chosen to represent the Center. She was the student who actively engaged the Flores De Mayo class.

On May 26th “Grand Alay” was held; with the parade starting at San Isidro Parish to Congressional Avenue. May 31st was the culmination of the month where the participants were given certificates of attendance.


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