Create your Religious Community Life Map!!!

Priests in India proces to a Eucharistic celebration

It is my joy to share with you some thoughts which I picked-up from a book “Enhancing the Meaning of Life” by J. Maurus, an internationally reputed author of several books. A learned professor was speaking on the campus of a university about commitment. A young student in the crowd interrupted, “Nothing is worth dying for.” To which the professor replied, “If there is nothing you are willing to die for then I submit you have nothing to live for.”

There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results. As many communities in Asia are starting a new pastoral year, may I request all the superiors of the communities/residences to develop the annual community/personal plan, indicating with clarity the vision and mission strategies. The personal and community project is a very useful tool for personal growth, for conversion to holiness and for an ever better response to God’s call.

A successful plan must have an aim and a destination too. Man’s life is based on three pillars:

1. Identity of self– Be a steward of yourself and be an original not carbon copies of any other and accept your identity and celebrate your individuality;

2. Intensity of life – How passionately do we live our life? Physically, intellectually and emotionally how deep are we involved in our religious life?;

3. Eternity of values– A sense of eternity is to be reflected in our commitment to the values of the kingdom and in detachment from the worldly.

Planning involves setting out the roadmap for the project by creating the following plans: realistic appraisal of the status quo, project plan, resource plan and financial plan.

Take a look at the following fable: A pig said to the chicken, “What shall we have for breakfast?” The chicken suggested, “Let’s have ham and eggs.” The pig said, “Oh, no! Not ham!” The chicken replied, “Why not? I’ll furnish the eggs and you the ham”. The pig then said, “For you it’s involvement, but for me it’s total commitment.”

Your dreams have to be bigger!

Your commitments deeper!

Your efforts greater!

The month of June is very dear to us. Devotion to the Sacred Heart is the soul of the Guanellian religious Consecration in which all the members of the Institute are called to be of one heart and one soul with the mind and love of the Divine Heart. Therefore, on June 7, 2013, we the perpetually professed members, with devotion, will renew our religious vows to the Divine Heart of Jesus Christ who is Patron, Custodian, Master and Lord of the House since its beginnings. May our religious vows, our common life, our charitable and apostolic activities be framed by the love of Christ and ignited by His furnace of Divine mercy and compassion!


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