Flores de Mayo Preparation

Filipino girl crowned as princess of Flores de Mayo

Filipino girl crowned as princess of Flores de MayoManila – Fifty special children from the Guanella Center participated in Flores de Mayo during the month of May. This helps them develop their awareness about the essence of their relationship with Jesus Christ and Mary. Instead of afternoon social activities they have Catechism taught by Sir Luis Llames, a volunteer catechist, and assisted by physical therapy interns and psychology students. During class they learned the Sign of the Cross, the Creation story and  topics like “God Made me,” “I have a Family,” “God gives me people to take care of me” and “God Gives me the things I need to live.”  For proper class participation, the children also engaged in coloring, games with prizes, singing and dancing. According to the catechists, it was a very challenging yet fulfilling task especially since the children were becoming closer to God. The culminating activity was held at the Guanella Center on May 30th, they performed in a play, “The Last Supper.”



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