27th Anniversary of Foundation in India – A Red-Letter Day

Fr. Domenico arrives in India

Fr. Domenico arrives in IndiaChennai – July 3rd marks the 27th anniversary of the beginning of the Guanellian works of Providence in India. On 3rd July, 1986, Fr. Tito Credaro was the first Guanellian to arrive in Chennai. He loved, admired and encouraged the development of our foundations in India. Fr. Tito arrived with Fr. John Bosco, the first Indian student in Italy. They left Rome on July 2nd and the next day they landed on Indian soil for the solemn feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. Then they went to Madurai. In the subsequent years, the Lord has blessed us with the abundant gifts of vocations and thereby new Guanellian foundations in India.
These are the final words of Fr. Domenico Saginario for the 25th anniversary of our Foundations in India on July 3, 2011 sent to the confreres before his death.

“You have a mission in the world, especially in Asia. Many poor people are waiting to receive ‘Bread and the Lord’ from you. Pushing the eye towards the next twenty-five years, there are many obvious ways open before you. I convey my sincere and strong wishes. Be worthy of your calling. Put the Gospel of Jesus in the center of your heart. There should not be any intentions other than to glorify God and save souls.” – A warm fraternal greeting.  – Fr. Domenico Saginario. Fr. Domenico with a group of Indian seminarians

Let us not forget to thank the blessings of Providence. If we are able to journey for almost 27 years, it is because of the work of Providence and intercession of our new Saint. From this, we can better understand what God’s plans are for SdC in India and the world.

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