Golf & Glory an Annual Outing to Benefit St. Louis Center

An event to benefit our confreres working in Chelsea MI.

St. Louis Center

In 19 years, there has never been a rainout of St. Louis Center’s premier golf event known as the “Golf & Glory” outing held at the U-M Golf Course. But this year, organizers held their breath all morning on Tuesday, June 25th, while it poured. Remarkably by 9:30 a.m., the rain stopped, and following a 30-minute delay of the shotgun start, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and another successful Golf & Glory Outing was underway.

One hundred forty-four golfers filled the course for this annual event in support of St. Louis Center and everyone had a great time.

This outing, founded by former NFL Lineman Bill Wagner (ret.) of the Denver Broncos in 1994, brings together many former NFL and college football players and officials to share their time with St. Louis Center’s supporters for a great day of golf.

SLC Board member Tom Nowatzke, president…

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