Celebrating an Admired Priest

Guanellians celebrate a priest

“Priests continue the work of Christ and become a channel of grace for all and a true dispenser of heavenly gifts,” Regulations of Servants of Charity.

Guanellians celebrate a priestBangalore: The GPN community was filled with happiness on July 14th celebrating the 10th ordination anniversary of our dearest father Fr. Visuwasam SdC. Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Visu with all the GPN confreres to thank Almighty God who called and strengthens him in carrying out his mission in the footsteps of St. Guanella. Many Guanellian Lay Collaborators and faithful participated and prayed for a long priestly journey glorifying God and serving the poor. After Mass a small reception was held to honor his splendid works. After the lunch all of them went back with heart filled happiness that they had prayed for a perfect servant of Charity.

“It is God who does.”


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