German Links to Africa and Asia Begin in Gualdera

Pforzheim – August has been a satisfying month with a very rich harvest! In the Guanellian mass media I discovered a significant article by our dear confrere, Fr. Adriano Folonaro. Just one hundred years ago, Fr. Guanella expressed his desire to climb once again to the start of his long and desperate path toward the poorest of poor, to the dreaming hill of Gualdera. I also wanted to travel there in August, but duties at home kept us from making the pilgrimage. To my consolation however, I firmly believe that during his last ascension to the cradle of his work and mission, Fr. Guanella surely saw each one of us as the sons and porters of his charism to the four corners of the world.


In a certain way Gualdera should also be our cradle, and I’m sure that Fr. Guanella would have felt great joy from the ordination of 15 new disciples in India and Africa. Through the same media window we welcome our new brothers from Mother Africa: Frs. Francois Luwunu, Lawrence Putonor and Vitus Unegbu who became true Guanellians in Kinshasa and Owerri at the beginning of August 2013. We are also proud and  happy to greet our new confreres from the DPP in India: Amalorpavanatham, Antony Samy, Bakthiswalagan, Jegan Patrick Daniel, Paul Francis, Anandam, Arputharaj, Franklin, Leo Joseph, Periyanayagasamy, Sagayaraj and Shantham! Vivant, floreant, crescent! To each one we wish a long and fruitful apostolate wherever they are assigned to serve our poor!


God also blessed our small entity by sending us a son of India, Fr. Maria Arokiadoss, and a son from beloved Poland, Fr. Wieslaw Baniak, for the Italian community in Pforzheim. After accompanying both to the diocesan university at Freiburg, we received the official nomination of Fr. Baniak as vicar in the parish of Boxberg; 100 Km from our future Guanellian center, Pforzheim. He will start his new mission on October 1, 2013 and remain there until his final destination at MCI Pforzheim in mid-2014. The cura animarum was sent personally by our archbishop, Dr. Robert Zollitsch, on August 6th. So our presence in Germany is now official and the SdC are enrolled as an operative congregation in our archdiocese. On August 8th, his 75th birthday, Archbishop Zollitsch sent a thanksgiving letter to our Father General Alfonso for our wishes, gifts and brochures on the life and works of our Founder.


During this time we have not been passive. On the contrary, we have continued our fundraising work for the projects presented to us from India and the Philippines. The projects in Legazpi and  Manila, such as the Nourishment Program, have provided confirmation for our relief organizations Kindermisison, Aachen and Missio, Munich. In India, a van for Sivagangai is under consideration along with a kitchen in Vatluru, and a complete report was submitted on August 22nd.  We expect a response in September. For our confreres in Congo  there is hope to get their projects approved, including a van for transporting street children to the Aids prevention and treatment center in Lemba, and in Kinshasa, the purchase of land for a Medical AIDS center through the German Embassy. Brother Mauro should soon receive final approval for both programs from Mrs. Beate Jantzen. Fr. Guido is completing his report for another project at a small farm in Bateke.


We thank the Lord for his great gifts during this memorable month and pray that the Grace of God continues to push us day by day, incessantly. Charitas Christi urget nos!


Gero Lombardo, German Guanellian Procura

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