Kindermissionswerk Visits HKSF

Kindermissionwerks and Fr. Battista

Kindermissionwerks and Fr. BattistaLegazpi – On August 22nd Constanze Groth, Sebastian Ulbrich and Mr. Wagener of Kindermissionwerk, Germany,  arrived at Harong Kan Sagrada Familia to evaluate and study the Feeding Program and STEP (Special Therapy Education Program) and to prepare for the Sternsingers’ 2015 Campaign (which aims to help children age 9-12 years all over the world). They chose Philippines as an example to prepare themselves for the campaign. They interviewed Fr. Battista, director of the programs; some parents and an alumnus of the Feeding Program, Vanessa. These interviews will help to evaluate the effectivness and development of the program. After the short two-day visit they expressed their gratitude to the fathers and staff of the institute for running the program so well. The institution is very much indebted to Kindermissionwerk for their financial assistance to the program.Kindermissionwerks with STEP children in the Pavillion HKSF


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