Nothing but Love

Marriage in Vietnam

Fr/ Felicks performs marriageSaigon – Mr. Thai lost 60% of his eye sight and Miss Loan has a problem with one of her legs. Both of them came to the shelter home because no one in their family would care for them. Mr. Thai is 35 and Miss Loan is 39 years old and they both are from different provinces. They fell in love over a year ago and expressed to the director, Br. Ngoc, their desire to get married. Br. Ngoc got permission from the local parish priest and made the arrangements. Fr. Felicks blessed the marriage; and Fr. Thuan, a Redemptorist, brought a choir to make the function grand. Some generous people helped to provide a small party. The vibration of Christ’s love moved everyone as they wished the couple well. “God is nothing but love,” for they thought everything was lost when they were thrown from their homes, but God has given them a new life. May He bless this very poor new couple with richness of love in their hearts every moment as they journey through their married life.Marriage in Vietnam


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