Tribute to Benefactors

HKSF Benefactors Honored

HKSF Benefactors HonoredLegazpi – Can a simple dinner be a tribute to the people who have done great things? It might not be a sufficient show of gratitude, but on August 26th, as STEP celebrated its 10th anniversary, Benefactors at the banquet feastthe director and staff appreciatively honored all the good-hearted benefactors for the success of this program. The dinner began with a brief historical presentation of the activities of STEP over the past ten years, narrated by Fr. Battista Omodei.  He expressed his joy of being present for the blessing of the STEP building and the subsequent activities; he welcomed the guests with gratitude and the event began. Each guest was given a simple souvenir and the book “Father Louis Guanella a Priest from the Mountain Father of the Poor.” It was a tribute to the benefactors not only for their financial contributions to the program but because they have become part of the family running it. They promised to continue their support in all possible ways.


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