Italian Guanellian Volunteers in India

Italian volunteers with orphan girls

Vatluru – Quite often in life, even when we have everything we need, we feel dissatisfied. Our desire to enrich our life has driven us all to India for a volunteer experience in Andhra Pradesh. In this new environment, so different from what we are used to, we had the opportunity to contribute to a multitude of activities that the Center provides to the poor and needy. The community warmly accepted us from the first moment. They made us feel part of a large family where each one contributes according to their skills; the elderly who come for the Rosary and dinner; the girls who share their day with us; the orphans of the Center always cheerful and loving; the village children outpouring energy, the mothers in the kitchen, the gentlemen taking care of the church, the priests and the religious brothers, they all are always available to help, to assist and to guide. Every day is marked by unforgettable events. We will bring these memories with us to Italy where we will continue to assist the best we can for these friends who have given us so much.

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Chiara Caldarazzo, Lecce; Olga Miriam Lossa, Rome; Gloria Ciocchetti, Rome; Maila Ialungo, Rome


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