50 Guanellian Youths

50 Guanellian YouthsManila – On September 15th despite strong rain, 54 teens from different organizations affiliated with the Servants of Charity listened to the good news of chastity shared by a speaker from the Live Pure Movement (LPM). LPM of the CFC-Foundation for Family and Life is a group advocating youths to live “a life defined by real freedom, total happiness and true love” through chastity. Kuya EJ Aguila, lay missionary of the LPM, led the Chastity Forum discussing today’s definition of human sexuality and relationships. He emphasized that though it is innate for humans to desire intimacy, God has given us free will. Through free will we must develop self-control of our sexual desire, or chastity. Through the analogy of wanting 500-pesos, Kuya EJ mentioned that we only, “need to claim God’s promises” for our lives. Kuya EJ stated that claiming God’s promises is living God’s call or vocation for each one of us. Raine Eguico, another lay missionary of the LPM, and E.Z. Boquiron, a seminarian, shared their vocation stories of claiming God’s promises in their lives.


Notwithstanding the continuing heavy rains that day, the event ended by four o’clock in the afternoon with youths with a deepened conviction to live pure!


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