Brother Giovanni Vaccari, SdC

Brother Giovanni Vaccari, SdC

Brother Giovanni Vaccari, SdCBorn to Earth on June 5, 1913

Born to Heaven on October 9, 1971

This year we remember the 100th anniversary of Brother Giovanni’s birthday and the 42nd anniversary of his death. Our Guanellian Family wants to mark these anniversaries with prayer and discernment in view of the possible opening of the Process of Canonization.

Our Superior General and his Council would like our communities to remember these days with a special celebration. We need to pray and ask the Spirit to help us in understanding the will of God about this confrere who certainly distinguished himself through an exemplary life of charity and dedication to our needy brothers. The Provincial Superiors will choose the times and the ways to implement this proposal. The General Council suggests:

A)    Two intentions of prayer during the celebration and the Prayer developed by the Diocese of Verona, Italy.

B)    The n. 10 of Documenti includes Brother Giovanni’s Autobiography and his Spiritual Diary in Italian and Spanish. This book can be obtained from the General House.

C)    Brother Giovanni’s, “The Candy Last Will.” Every year, on October 9th, we honor the anniversary of Brother Giovanni Vaccari’s death and therefore, this year, we warmly invite you to renew “The Candy Last Will,” as Brother Giovanni’s dying wish was to give sweets to “Good Children.” On this day, we remember him with a simple and generous gesture; sharing sweets among people who live and work close to us, especially those who lack affection, bread or self-respect.

1)      That the Holy Spirit Illumine the Church and our Congregation, discovering in the life of Brother Giovanni the signs of his grace and mercy, coherently witnessed by our confrere in his attentive charity toward the poor and his rewarding relationship with the compassionate Father of the Gospel. Let us pray.

2)      That we strive to imitate in our daily life Brother Giovanni’s joyful witnessing of faith and charity; and that we can propose to the youth the journey of the lay religious brother, and walk together toward a higher level of Christian ordinary life. Let us pray.

3)      Prayer of Intercession

Most Holy Trinity, we thank you for your gift to the Church of Brother Giovanni Vaccari, a Servant of Charity, as a great example of Christian life. Oh Blessed Trinity, we invoke from you the grace to remain always in your Faith, Hope and Love and to direct our desires toward the eternal rewards, to reach the possession of the heart with wisdom. Grant us the joy of loving without reservation, and through the intercession of Brother Giovanni Vaccari, give us the grace we humbly ask…

May this humble Servant of Charity, spiritual son of St. Louis Guanella, be recognized among the blessed in heaven. Amen

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