A Month of Grace

Seminarians attend Classes

Seminarians attend ClassesBangalore – September is considered a month of grace, and so it has been for Guanella Preethi Nivas too. The novices attended classes by Fr. Soosai on the topic, “TheFr. Soosai teaches a Class Evangelical Counsels Practiced by Our Founder.” It was an opportune time for all to reflect on the life they aspire to embrace; learning that the vow is a voluntary act of religious through which they bind themselves with the spirit of generosity and self-offering. Philosophy students sat in for a day to strengthen their minds. There was also a five-day course on “Human and Moral Values” by Fr. James CSSR, a class on the life and spirituality of Bl. Clare Bosatta by Sr. Annamal DSMP for three days, a class by Fr. A.P. Samy, SdC on “Sense of Belongingness” in our Guanellian houses and Fr. David, SdC led a class on “Our Mission.” Therefore it was a grace-filled month for GPN.


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