Medical Camp

Bishop greets doctors

Bishop greets doctorsVatluru – In collaboration with St. Joseph’s Dental College and the District Health Officer, Mrs. Dase Rose Mary, a medical camp was held at Sacred Heart Church on September 26th. Around 600 people benefited from the camp. Specialized doctors in dental, optometry, gynecology and general medicine treated the patients with care and patience. Medicines were sponsored by Mrs. Dase and given freely. Most Rev. Polimera Jaya Rao, the Bishop of Eluru was there, visiting the people and doctors. He was in full praise of the effort by Fr. Joseph Peter, the parish priest and the Community. The Community joined him and Fr. Bosco Rajendra and Fr. Bala, correspondents of St. Joseph Dental College, for lunch. Fr. G. Moses a guest priest from the diocese of Vijayawada accompanied the Bishop who also appreciated the endeavor.

Fr. Joseph Peter thanked Fr. Soosai and the community for their collaboration and support. The camp was very successful and was telecasted on the local channels and also published in the newspaper. The faithful of the parish were very happy; they praised God and the Guanellian community.


5 thoughts on “Medical Camp

    1. Thank you for watching my spelling. I noticed it right after I published the post and fixed it even before I saw your comment. Please read more about the good works being done by the Servants of Charity in India and other parts of the world.

      1. Im not sure that I will be doing that.
        No disrespect intended.
        Glad your helping people etc..
        But..I am annoyingly PROTESTANT..

  1. I respect your beliefs and Protestantism. And I hope you will understand why I have removed your link, I find some of the images in the post offensive to our Catholic readership. As Catholics we would not intentionally be negative or uncharitable to beliefs of our Christian Brethren and I would ask that you do the same. It does not do anything to further the Christian faith in the eyes of the world when we as Christians cannot tolerate or get along with each other.

    And if it would entice you to read all of my posts, I will make many typographical errors for you to find and point out. I am emoticonnally challenged ( I don’t know how to use them) but know that I am smiling as I type this reply. I will look further at your blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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