Indian priests having a discussion

“A Fraternal Gathering of Individuals Make Family”

Indian priests having a discussionChennai – The regents of Divine Providence Province attended a two day program organized by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, held at DGMS September 2425th. They started the day with Morning Laud, Meditation and Holy Mass. Then, Fr. Soosai spoke about Education and New Evangelization from PEG; he presented evangelization in daily life. He also mentioned the history of the Congregation. In the second session, he emphasized the Human, Spiritual and Charismatic Dimensions in its Lines of Action. The regents shared their three months experience to end the class. Fr. Kulandai Samy spoke on Educational and Pastoral Charity of the Guanellians and Relationship with the Laity and Staff. He explained the relationship of a Guanellian in developing the mission of our Congregation. Fr. Rajesh ended the first evening by showing a movie based on Guanellian Mission; and spoke about the ‘Guanellian Preventive Educational Approach.’ Fr. S. A. Lourduraj organized Mission Exposure for Regents at DGSS. The Regents shared a meal and advice for dealing with the Good Children.


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