An Update from Fr. Rocky

German Italians with Indian Guanellian

The Way of Providence-The Most Beautiful Way


I believe that my new mandate as a Guanellian missionary in Germany was a project of Providence. Certainly there are many who worked as instruments of Providence to begin our German Guanellian mission. First, Providence called Mr. Gero Lombardo to prepare the way; and then the Archbishop of Freiburg, the major superiors of our Congregation, Mons. Klug and Deacon Robert Roth to the dialog process. It has been a long process of consultation and reciprocal dialog, but all official matters are now complete. Our Guanellian mission will officially start on January 15, 2014. The Way of Providence is very beautiful.

 On July 9th I departed from India and arrived in Germany. The German procurator, Mr. Gero Lombardo, and his family came to pick me up at the Stuttgart airport and I stayed at their home overnight. The cordial welcome and wonderful hospitality from them is unforgettable. The next day Mr. Lombardo took me to Freiburg where he introduced me to Deacon Roth, who had already prepared a place for me at Collegium Borromeum. Our confrere, Fr. Wieslaw had already arrived. We both began learning German. Fr. Wieslaw, who already learned first stage course in Rome, has completed the second course; and now he is ministering to the people of God at Boxberg. As for me, I completed the first stage course here and now I am doing my second stage course which will be complete December 20th. To learn a new language is not so easy. In the beginning it was very difficult to follow the lessons, but now I am able to understand and follow the lessons with ease. I hope I will learn it well.

From October to December I am comitted to celebrate Sunday Mass for a group of Italian people here at Freiburg. I think that this pastoral ministry will be a fortaste of what is to come.

 In all these little events I see the manifestation of Providence. Isn’t the way of the Providence beautiful? Yes, the way of Providence is always beautiful. Let us trust in Providence!

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