Bringing Christ to the Latinos

GLM Latino Ministry with Bishop Boyea

GLM Latino Ministry with Bishop BoyeaGrass Lake –  It has been a year blessed by God for the seasonal workers from Mexico and Guatemala who have been spiritually attended by Fr. Paul, Fr. Satheesh and Sr. Rosemary in the three different areas of the Diocese of Lansing.
A group of them came to the Shrine of St. Joseph in June seeking a special blessing for their work. They joined a bilingual celebration on the Solemnity of the Body of Christ including a procession with the Blessed Sacrament. A joyous gathering with a traditional Mexican feast followed.
Throughout the summer Guanellian Co-operators Dr. John Lopez, his wife Millie and other volunteers prepared them for the Baptism and First Communion of the children. The co-operators also ministered to some couples who were living together but desired to get canonically married.
Bishop Earl Boyea visited the camps giving First Communion to those children who were prepared and expressing his appreciation for our pastoral work with the Latinos.
On October 27th the workers wanted to be blessed before returning home. During the Eucharistic celebration three children were Baptized.


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