First Official Guanellian Mass in Germany

Fr. Rocky and Fr. Baniak overlook Boxberg

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Our intensive and fulfilling work in October 2013 has met many of our objectives. My wife Inge and I have been rotating between two important events, starting with the first official Guanellian Holy Mass on German soil. This important milestone was reached when Fr.Wieslaw, Fr. Luigi, Inge and I traveled to Boxberg on October 12th in order to visit the new apostolate field of our Polish confrere to meet and thank Fr. Edgar Wunsch. This parish priest who 15 days ago had warmly welcomed the first Guanellian priest to his large parish, Fr. Baniak, is now acting in eight of the eighteen chapels spread out over the large area of Boxberg-Ahorn. Also, from a historical point of view, it was our first time driving along the Limes; the frontier of the ancient Roman province called Germania Superior which later became the territory of the German Military Order. Fr. Edgar and his vicar Fr. Dulik, also Polish in origin,welcomed us and shared a frugal dinner with us.
The next day on October 13th, we approached the St. Aquilinus Church at Unterschüpf. Fr. Baniak and Fr. Luigi celebrated their first official Mass in front of numerous local Catholics, and then a group of young blonde girls and boys sweetly performed several popular traditional German songs for us. After the Holy Mass we were invited by Fr. Edgar to share in a community brunch. Happily thanking God for this new sign of His benevolence, we returned to Pforzheim and continued to choose and purchase all the needed furniture for the future residence of Fr. Baniak and Fr. Antonyraj in mid-town Pforzheim.
Before we drove to Boxberg on October 12th, the announced Salesian/Guanellian Summit took place at the Italian Catholic Mission in Pforzheim. We are now working on the next event; the official transfer of the Italian parish in mid-January 2014. There are many small details to consider and prepare for, but now we are not alone. Fr. Baniak is motorized and able to pay us a support visit until he arrives at the Italian parish.
Also, Fr. “Rocky” is still taking German courses until the end of year, and through his new experience with an Italian community at Freiburg, he is not only practicing German but also preparing himself for his future apostolate as a vicar. His final destination will be at the MCI Pforzheim. Both confreres have been asked to write about their respective surroundings and activities.While Fr.Wieslaw writes for the Italian Guanellian bulletins, Fr. Rocky will soon publish his first message from Germany. Inge and I and all of our German-Italian friends, are really happy that this epocal dream is now slowly, slowly becoming a tangible reality.
Te Deum laudamus nunc et semper!

Gero Lombardo,  German Guanellian Procura  


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