Benefactor and Beneficiary Celebrate

Orphaned Indian boy with his birthday cake

Mr. Sahkthi celebrates birthday at YesuvanamSivagangai – At Guanella Anbagam everybody’s birthday is remembered and celebrated in a special manner. October 8th was Antony’s birthday. He was so happy wearing new clothes and cutting the cake; his expression showed it. Thank you to Mr. Sebastian, a lay co-operator, who brought the cake and much joy to the celebration.
Birthdays are celebrated many different ways, but only few celebrate in a meaningful way. Kalayarkovil’s DMK Party Secretary Mr. Sakthi also celebrated his birthday at Guanella Anbagam with the good children. In his speech he said, “Just as Jesus lived in this world, you live in Yesuvanam. I admire the priests and nuns who sacrifice their lives for your welfare. Christians live exemplary lives; loving even those who do them harm. This day is a memorable day in my life, because I celebrated my birthday here. Whenever I come here I feel at peace in my mind. I see God in the smiles of these children.” He provided sweets and snacks for all and lunch for the following day.


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