Rain Halts for Founder’s Feast

Gifts given on Founder's Feast

New Bishop of Eluru celebrate St. Guanella's feastKoppaka – The Feast of Our Founder was celebrated October 24th in the evening at Guanella Bhavan.  Despite the rain all the brothers were busy preparing.  The guests from the villages started to arrive when it was still drizzling. By the grace and intercession of our Holy Founder the rain stopped completely by 5 pm and didn’t start again until 11 pm, after all the guests left. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by the new bishop of Eluru Most Rev. Jaya Rao Polimera and con-celebrated by many priests from the area.  The celebration was very meaningful with the participation of good children, elderly and orphan boys from our Boy’s Home, Guanellian and other religious sisters.  The elderly and good children were given a small blanket by Guanella Bhavan; distributed by the Bishop and Fr. Peter Sebastian. Gifts given on Founder's Feast


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