Triduum on St. Guanella at DGMS

Learning the Life of SLG at DGMS

Learning the Life of SLG at DGMSChennai – On October 23rd, the Evening School children and staff were invited by the DGMS Community to participate in the final day of the Triduum of reflection on the life of St. Guanella. The service, organized by 3rd year brothers, began with an opening prayer led by Fr. Rajesh. The children were encouraged to read and recite the antiphons and prayers of the Breviary to get more involved in evening prayer. Bro. Arockiaraj revealed the life situation of our Founder to the children, who cleverly responded to the questions he asked. After the prayer service, the children enjoyed tea and snacks and were accompanied home by Bro. Deva and staff.


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