Joyful Sports Meet

Boys wait their turn to race

“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”

Indian children running across the yard

Chennai – The Don Guanella Special School campus was filled with good children from many institutions of Chennai for a friendly sports competition November 6th. Mr. Poovai Kandhan, Municipality Chairman of Poonamallee, was the chief guest of the event. After the inauguration, he gave a meaningful message to the Good Children, “Good Children are children of God and they must never feel discouraged because of their different abilities.” The competitions, prepared by Ms. Ezhilarasi, physiotherapist at DGSS, under the guidance of Fr. Lourduraj, Director, began. Many games to fascinate and delight all the participants were played; and a delicious meal was arranged for everyone. For a bit of fun and entertainment, some party games were led by Bro. Achariyam and confreres of DGMS. At the end, Fr. Lourduraj thanked everyone for their participation in the successful event.


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