St. Guanella Heals the Sick

elderly Indian man receives baptism

elderly Indian man receives baptismBangalore – The Guanella Preethi Nivas community was blessed with God’s grace in abundance in this month particularly. One of the elderly beneficiaries, Mr. Durairaj, asked to be baptized. He took the baptismal name Louis Joseph and received First Holy Communion on the feast of St. Guanella. An age old desire was fulfilled when he received our Lord for the first time. The first day of novena began with the miracle. A benefactor’s wife had a tumor in her womb. The doctors wanted to operate, but decided to pray for the intercession of St. Guanella. Their prayers were heard, she was miraculously healed. There are many people giving thanks for gifts that they have received through him. May the blessings of our saintly founder be always with us!


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