Young Indian Priests gathered

Through the years of Tutelage, the institute offers the opportunity of an experienced confrere who will assist the confreres in their early years of apostolic activities to dedicate themselves with enthusiasm and stability, the Sequela Christi, in the service to the Church and to the Congregation. (Ratio. 288)

Young Indian Priests gatheredBangalore – Fr. Visuvasam organized the tutelage program at GPN. He invited Rev. Dr. Singarayar, the Bishop of Salem, to speak on November 5th. The bishop knew the pulse of the young priests and asked the stimulating question, “Are we able to say, I am Jesus Christ?” He spoke about the authentic conversion of heart necessary for young priests today and that the new evangelization is the need of the hour. Fr. Anton Joseph, of Christu Jyothi College, stated that a consecrated person can inspire modern society by striving for holiness and fear of God is the starting point. It was encouraging, learning to live holiness by imitating the life of the Lord and the saints.

The following day Fr. Visuvasam spoke about St. Guanella; a priest and a martyr of charity. St. Guanella was indeed a “champion of faith and charity” as Pope Paul VI declared in his “Discourse for the Beatification of Blessed Louis Guanella.” Charity was a particular spirit in his way of living, his behavior, his attitude before God and man, and in every moment of his life.  One of the fundamental characteristics to which St. Guanella exhorted his sons and daughters was the bond of charity. The Tutelage program ended with the Evaluation Forum and included a time for the young priests to share their experiences.


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