Fr. Rathinam and Fr. Joseph visit Vietnam

Vietnam Mass

news 2  Saigon – The purpose of this visit was to solidify plans for the land and future construction. Their visit was truly providential, they arrived on the Feast of Our Lady of Divine Providence, the day after our new land was registered, a nearly 7 month process. Fr. Rathinam and Fr. Joseph met the engineer and they were satisfied with the proposals. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Rathinam for the feast day. During his homily he shared the providential care of Mother Mary in our lives and in the life of our Founder.

It was a blessing to have Fr. Joseph, who was recently recognized for his lifetime achievements, present. Fr. Felicks presented as a role model of commitment and the missionary spirit to our students. He was given a small gift, wished well and asked for his continuous service. Fr. Rathinam and Fr. Joseph met Sr. Soi and Sr. Sang, the sellers of the recently registered land, and a fraternal dinner was shared. Upon their departure the confreres invited us to pray more and increase our trust in the providence of God for our project.News 3News sep  2013


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