Strive to be a Saint

Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC shares to seminary (2)Manila – In the tradition of Guanellian houses when a community member from another house comes to visit, experiences are shared to stimulate and inspire the love Fr. Guanella started. Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC, on the evening of November 11th, shared his knowledge of some lives of the Guanellian family to the Servants of Charity seminarians. Fr. Joseph started the evening with an encouraging truth that, “Fr. Guanella became a saint because he wanted to become a saint.” But it was not an easy journey for Fr. Guanella. Fr. Joseph told the story of Fr. Guanella being fraternally corrected by one of his brother-priests. Fr. Joseph emphasized that all should “give respect if [we] want respect.” Lives of Venerable Bp. Aurelio Baciarini, Blessed Clara Bosatta, and deceased Bro. Giovanni Vaccari were also relived as Fr. Joseph revealed them as examples of those who also desired sanctification. “We are children of saints,” Fr. Joseph affirmed, and concluded by saying, “We all have the vocation to be saints.”

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