Don Guanella Oratory Celebrates Christmas

Indian children perform a Christmas skit

Indian children perform a Christmas skitBangalore – Preethi Nivas Trust organized a Christmas celebration on December 8th for the children of Don Guanella Oratory and poor children from the neighborhood. Mass was celebrated by the Guanellian fathers with a choir of brothers. Fr. Leo, Sdc delivered an enlightening homily and to the young ones, and various institutions participated, sharing the joy of Jesus with the children. A skit depicting the salvation of mankind from original sin to the birth of Christ was presented by members of the oratory; a folk dance expressing the condition of people who suffer in society was performed by another group. Preethi Nivas Trust shared its joy by distributing food and Christmas gifts to the children. GLM members also joined hands and helped in organizing the cultural events. Around six hundred children from different places and different institutions participated and enjoyed the program including street children from Gunduthoppu and Narayanapura Cross.


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